The hydra and hercules

the hydra and hercules

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The hydra and hercules

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Hercules - The Hydra the hydra and hercules


Once he had removed and destroyed the eight mortal heads, Hercules chopped off the ninth, immortal head. This he buried at the side of the road leading from Lerna to Elaeus, and for good measure, he covered it with a heavy rock.

As for the rest of the hapless hydra, Hercules slit open the corpse and dipped his arrows in the venomous blood. Malibu Main panel: Hercules slaying the Lernean hydra Collection of the J. He said that since Iolaus had helped his uncle, this labor should not count as one of the ten.

Even so, Pausanias did not think that this labor was as fantastic as the myths made it out to be: to him, the fearsome hydra was just, well, a big water snake. At the source of the Amymone grows a plane tree, beneath which, they say, the hydra water-snake grew. I am ready to believe that this beast was superior in size to other water-snakes, and that its poison had something in it so deadly that Heracles treated the points of his arrows with its gall.

It had, however, in my opinion, one head, and not several. It was Peisander of Camirus who, in order that the beast might appear more frightful and his poetry might be more remarkable, represented the hydra with its many heads. Pausanias, Description of Greece, 2. It was a snake of uncommon size, with nine heads.

Eight of the heads were mortal, but the one in the middle was immortal. The Hydra frequently came out of the water and swallowed up herds of cattle, laying waste the surrounding country. He mounted his chariot and took his faithful friend Iolaus, who acted as the charioteer. Every warrior had to have a charioteer to drive the horses, leaving him free to use both of his hands. After driving along for a while through groves of olive-trees and past pleasant vineyards, they came to wild places and saw Lake Lerna gleaming through the trees.

Having reached the lake, Hercules descended from the chariot, left the horses in the care of Iolaos, and went hunting for the snake. He found it in a swampy place where it was hiding. Hercules shot some burning arrows at the Hydra and forced it to come out. It darted furiously at him, but he met it fearlessly, put his foot upon its tail, and with his club began to strike off its heads.

He could not accomplish anything in this way, for as fast as he knocked off one head, two others grew in its place. Added to all this there came a huge crab to the assistance of the snake.

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The Lernaean Hydra \u0026 Hercules Explained - Greek Mythology

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